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The common media terms of ‘Heir Hunting or Heir Hunter’ are now extremely popular due to a certain very successful BBC TV program. However, Essex based company Baverstock & Co. Ltd prefers to be recognised as specialists in the fields of Probate Research and Genealogy. Being a small family run business Baverstock & Co. Ltd can offer a personal and dedicated service to suit their client’s needs. This approach means that no stone is left unturned when it comes to finding those crucial bits of information that are often missing from the wills and probate puzzle.

The offer of "something for nothing", is often met with a degree of caution, and rightly so by the potential beneficiaries we approach, so we urge you to find out who Baverstock & Co. Ltd are and what we stand for. As probate researchers, we specialise in tracing beneficiaries, bringing together people and assets. If we believe you are entitled to an inheritance of any kind, we will do our utmost to establish a claim for you.

Our expert and professional researchers fully understand the mechanics of probate, especially intestacy. This enables them to pinpoint those family members who need to be found.

We substantiate our findings with the name, address and relationship to the deceased of every entitled beneficiary we uncover, and keep you informed with regular updates on our progress.

Also, as Genealogists we can assist you in piecing together your family history through the many methods we have at our disposal. The process of conducting this type of research is actually quite complex, it can also be very time consuming. This is why many people choose to hire a professional rather than conducting all of the tedious research on their own. For this service we would generally charge an hourly fee for the work we undertake, so please contact us for further details.

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